La Bio entre business et projet de société
Philippe Baqué

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Organic Farming & Food – Between Business and a Social Project
Directed by Philippe Baqué

List of contents
Introduction – What meaning and direction should organic farming take?
1. Colombia – Organic farming at the heart of conflicts
2. The twofold nature of organic farming
3. Rearing chickens and other fowl – Is organic farming going to come out unscathed or not?
4. The B.I.O. Campaign – Commercial warfare and mass marketing
5. Andalusia – Organic farming and the sea of plastic
6. Historic figures in the development of organic farming now faced with new issues
7. Morocco – The obsession with exportation
8. Biocoop – The Big Divide
9. Changing ways of distributing food in order to change society
10. Which way is organic milk going to turn?
11. Amaps – Miracle or mirage?
12. Israel-Palestine – Organic farming between the battle and the field
13. Seeds – Organic farming versus organic diversity?
14. On democratic food and eating in the USA
15. Bolivia – Agro-ecology from before organic farming?
16. Agro-ecology as an instrument of social change
Conclusion – A different kind of organic farming for a different world?

Philippe Baqué is an independent journalist who works with Le Monde Diplomatique, Politis, Silence, Témoignage Chrétien… He is also the author of the book Un nouvel or noir, Paris Méditerranée, 1999 and has made several documentary films: Carnet d’expulsion, de Saint-Bernard à Bamako et Kayes; Melilla, l’Europe au pied du mur; L’Eldorado de plastique; Le Beurre et l’argent du Beurre…

Pierre Besse is an agronomic engineer and an organic farmer working on a family farm in the suburbs of Toulouse; he is also a member of the Areso Association (ecological builders in south west France) and the Terr’eau Association (ecological drains and drainage). He is part of the Amap networks at regional, national and international level, and writes articles for the magazines Nature et Progrès, Ecorev and Silence.

Michel Besson is co-founder of the Andine Cooperative (see their website and their appeal for funds) and the Minga Association, a group of several firms involved in the quest for a fairtrade economy. He is a trained sociologist (Lecturer at Lille University), and has written books on communities (joint author of Tentatives communautaires, 1976), the dangers of automatization and Colombia.

Clémentine Cirillo-Allahsa is an independent journalist specialising in social sciences and regional heritage; she is involved on both a professional and personal level in various associations and NGOs including social and medical NGOs in India, Nepal and Togo. A former voluntary community worker in Palestine, she is currently a regular contributor to Politis weekly.

Silvia Pérez-Vitoria is an economist, sociologist and documentary film-maker on topics concerning farming and farmers in various countries. She is the author of Les Paysans sont de retour, Actes Sud, 2005 (Farmers’ Friend Prize 2008 and the Nonino Prize in 2009) and La Riposte des paysans, Actes Sud, 2010.

Laetitia Mailhes is an independent journalist based in California specialising in sustainable agriculture and food. She started the blog, and is a contributor on Radio France International, Care 2; she also contributed to L’effet Whuffie, Diateino, 2010 and Seule la diversité cultivée peut nourrir le monde, réponses à l’OMC, Minga, 2011.

Patrick Herman is a farmer and journalist, producing organic fruit in the southern Aveyron, currently without any formal certificate or mention. He is involved in the Larzac movement and the Confédération paysanne, and contributes to Réalité de l’écologie, le Monde diplomatique, Politis, XXI… He is also one of the writers who contributed to the collective publication of the Confédération paysanne, Changeons de politique agricole, Mille et une nuits, 2002, and the author of Les nouveaux esclaves du capitalisme, Au diable Vauvert, 2008.

Hind Aïssaoui Bennani is an independent journalist particularly oriented towards agriculture and the condition of women in Morocco. She used to be active with the Confédération paysanne.

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